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We understand the hardships of being an Undocumented Student. We know that you have dreams and aspirations which many times may seem impossible to achieve. But here is the key- never stop. Become UNstoppable. Do NOT put your dreams on hold, rather strive to make them a reality.

Below we have provided you with some tips that can help you get to college:

  1. Get those GOOD grades.

  2. Become involved and engaged in both your community and school.

  3. Get a mentor: This could be a faculty or staff at your current college or high school.

  4. Motivate your peers: Inspire other DREAMers to keep fighting for their dreams.

  5. Apply for scholarships as they will allow you to get to where you want to go.

  6. Do not be afraid to share your story of struggle and success with others as you will inspire them, and may find somebody interested in helping you succeed.

  7. And remember circumstances cannot define our future... but our actions and choices we make do.

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