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As we all know something that we are very attached to are our phones- we just LOVE them... So many things we can do! That's why we urge YOU to get these two apps that will allow you to get the latest information about immigration news, tips when applying for DACA, scholarships opportunities, ICE raids, Immigration resources and much more.

Pocket DACA:

Provides information, resources and tools to help individuals understand and apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA Scholars:

Connects you with scholarship opportunities, immigration news, videos and much more!


With a press of a button, undocumented immigrants who are the subject of a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be able to use the Notifica app to send customized messages to 15 personal contacts.


A hub for immigration resources, Arrived displays the latest immigration news and educates users on the deportation process. It also offers English lessons, answers popular queries like "how to write a resume" and offers a map with every non- governmental organization, law clinic and sanctuary city in the United States.


Tarjimly is a Facebook messenger bot that connects a community of 2,000 volunteer translators with immigrants and refugees in real time.

Cell 411:

Allows users to contact close friends and family when being confronted by ICE officers.


Delivers verified and crowdsourced data on ICE raids, checkpoints or other confrontations happening nearby.

If there are any more apps that are useful to you let us know. Contact us!

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